PRO Bundle

PRO Bundle

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Nine Realms™ PRO (THCP10%,1 ml) (Flavor)

The PRO Bundle combines two premium products for a comprehensive THCP experience: the PRO THCP Vape and THCP Gummies . The vape provides a potent THCP dose, ideal for experienced users seeking a strong and immediate effect. Complementing this, the gummies offer a longer-lasting THCP experience, perfect for sustained effects throughout the day. This bundle caters to both immediate and extended needs, making it a top choice for THCP enthusiasts.

BUNDLE Contents:

  • 1x PRO THCP Vape
  • 1x PRO THCP Gummies

What's in the PRO Bundle?

Unwrap the excitement and discover what our exclusive bundle has in store for you.

Nine Realms

PRO Vape

Nine Realms PRO disposable vape, an ideal choice for those who prefer a more potent THC experience in a sleek, portable design. This high-quality device, which easily fits in your pocket, comes pre-filled with a 1 ml blend of THCP isolate and CBD distillate, offering a powerful and satisfying experience. Perfect for experienced users, the PRO vape features ceramic heating, is lab-certified with 0% THC

Nine Realms THCP vape disposable PRO
Nine Realms THCP gummies
Nine Realms

PRO Gummies

Nine Realms PRO gummies, designed with precision for discerning users who desire a potent and long lasting experience. These edibles skillfully combine formidable strength with an inviting sweet and sour palette, enhanced by natural fruit essences for a delectable experience. Containing 3 mg of lab-verified THCP in each gummy, they promise a durable and intense effect, catering to those who seek a high-quality, powerful journey.