Nine Realms THCP Lemon Cookies cannabis flower bud with a 3 gram doypack package and no background
Nine Realms LEMON COOKIES unboxing
Nine Realms THCP Lemon Cookies cannabis flower bud with no background
Cannabis flower buds on the tray with pre-rolled joint and Nine Realms Lemon Cookies doypack
Nine Realms THCP Lemon Cookies cannabis flower bud with a 5 gram doypack package and no background
Nine Realms THCP Lemon Cookies flower bud with a 10 gram doypack package and no background


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Discover the extraordinary blend of tradition and innovation with our Lemon Cookies THCP Enhanced Cannabis Flower. Meticulously cultivated to meet the legal THC limits in Europe, this product is a harmonious blend of the beloved Lemon Cookies strain and the groundbreaking alternative cannabinoid, THCP.

  • Strain: Lemon Cookies - Renowned for its refreshing citrus aroma and a sweet, cookie-like flavor profile that promises a delightful sensory experience.
  • THC Content: Complies with European legal standards - Our product contains THC levels within the legal 0.2% limit, ensuring a responsible and enjoyable experience.
  • Concentration: 10% THCP -  high concentration alternative cannabinoid known for effects similar to THC but with a unique twist, elevating the experience.

Why choose LEMON COOKIES x 10% THCP?

By combining the legendary balanced effects of White Widow with the potent boost of THCP, this becomes an ideal choice for uplifting mood and socialization.



Nine Realms is where nature meets innovation responsibly. Our eco-friendly cryo infusion process not only intensifies the potency and flavor of our cannabinoid flowers but also upholds our commitment to the environment and your health. By eliminating solvents and reducing energy consumption, we offer a THCP flower product that's not only effective but also pure and sustainable, aligning with the ethos of the conscientious consumer.

Female holding weed pre-rolled joint with cannabis flower buds in the grinder and tray
Cannabis flower buds doypack on the table in the rolling tray with rolling papers and lighter


Our Lemon Cookies strain is renowned for its tantalizing citrus aroma and a sweet, cookie-like taste that embodies relaxation and pleasure. Each size option is thoughtfully enclosed in eco-friendly packaging, aligning with our commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. This packaging not only preserves the freshness and potency of our premium strain but also ensures a minimal environmental footprint.


Cryo Infusion in cannabis is a technique that uses ultra-low temperatures (-30°C to -80°C) to enhance the potency and flavor of cannabis flowers. It involves freezing the flowers and then infusing them with concentrated cannabinoids and terpenes.

This method preserves the natural compounds, ensures a consistent distribution of infused compounds, and results in a more potent, flavorful, and pure cannabis product. It is favored by cannabis enthusiasts seeking a premium and enhanced experience.

Gas Infusion
While gas infusion is effective, it may not preserve delicate terpenes as effectively as cryo infusion. Additionally, some gas infusion methods may require the use of solvents, which can introduce impurities and affect the overall quality of the final product. This solvent use can raise concerns about purity and potential health effects.

Spraying, although a simple method, can be less consistent in terms of the distribution of cannabinoids and terpenes throughout the cannabis flowers. This inconsistency can result in variations in potency and flavor, making it challenging to achieve uniform quality and damaging the flower. Furthermore, spraying often involves the use of additives and carriers, which can introduce additional substances into the product, potentially impacting its purity and overall naturalness.

Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabiphoral, or THCP, is a cannabinoid related closely to THC and found in very low concentrations in the cannabis plant.

According to the researchers who discovered itin 2019, Italy, THCP interacts with the endocannabinoid system similarly to THC but with a far greater affinity for cannabinoid receptors.

Preliminary studies have suggested that THCP may have an affinity for the CB1 receptor (a type of endocannabinoid receptor) up to 30 times greater than that of THC.  

This could mean that THCP is much more psychoactive than THC, although further research is needed to establish the real significance of this discovery.

Since the effects are similar to Delta-9 THC, only much stronger and more stimulating, THCP is going to get you high.

Some people even describe the THCP experience as “psychedelic-like,” saying it can amplify sounds and colours similarly to traditional THC.

THCP is found in trace amounts naturally in cannabis plants, so for it to be produced for mass consumption, it has to be made in a labusing CBD plant.

Within hemp plants, THCP is created viabiosynthesis, the process in which the plant synthesizes compounds from simpler precursors.

As always, it’s essential to check your jurisdiction regarding hemp-derived product laws. Although THCP productsare not forbidden by the EU law or in majority of European countries, they may or may not be legaldepending on the individual country legislation.

There is not enough evidence to prove that THCP has any effect on humans. Though it is already present in tiny amounts in marijuana strains, so its safety within other cannabinoids has been found to not be of any danger when dosed correctly.