VERK Bundle

VERK Bundle

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The VERK Bundle combines two premium products: H4CBD gummies and H4CBD vape cartridge. The edibles are delightful gummies infused with H4CBD, providing a convenient and enjoyable way to consume cannabinoids. The vape cartridge features a blend of 80% H4CBD and 15% CBG, housed in a user-friendly and easily replaceable cartridge. This combination offers both the quick effects of vaping and the longer-lasting benefits of edibles, ideal for those seeking an anxiety free, balanced experience with mood improving effects..

BUNDLE Contents:

What's in the VERK Bundle?

Let's take a closer look at the components that make our bundle a must-have.

Nine Realms

VERK Cartridge

Nine Realms VERK cartridge, a THC-free option crafted for enhancing focus and reducing anxiety in a manageable and gentle way. The 1 ml cartridge blends H4CBD with CBG in a flavorful, easy-to-use format, perfect for those aiming to improve concentration, alleviate anxiety, or uplift their mood.

Nine Realms VERK H4CBD edibles
Nine Realms

VERK Gummies

Explore the benefits of focus and relaxation with Nine Realms VERK edibles, a low-potency, delicious solution for enhancing productivity and easing anxiety. Each organic, vegan gummy combines 30mg of H4CBD with 15mg of CBG, offering a delightful sweet and sour taste with fruity undertones. Perfect for those seeking to boost concentration, reduce distractions, and improve mood.