Medicine or High?

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The Difference

When certain nations throughout the world legalized cannabis, consumers profited immensely. As a result, legalization of cannabis has created divides that do not exist outside of the law. Hemp and marijuana, for example, are the same species, although hemp has less than 0.3% THC. Their names are chosen for legal rather than scientific reasons. 

Laws also distinguish between medicinal and recreational cannabis. It is widely believed that consuming for the sake of consumption is not beneficial. We at Nine Realms® feel that this logic is faulty, and we are attempting to bridge the gap with our high-end HHC solutions. We started our firm with just a few full-spectrum HHC vapes and nothing else. 


During the original HHC boom, people had two options: buy something of questionable quality cheap from a fly-by-night vendor or buy pricy things with scarcely any HHC from reputable enterprises. We wanted to make a change. 

Our brand expanded with multiple hardware variants and introduced HHC edibles within weeks of opening in 2023. We preserved our messaging, but our approach and luxury design made a big difference. As a result, our present consumers are pleased with us and choose Nine Realms® items. 

When the initial vapes were produced, our HHC products were not utilized recreationally. HHC became the next big subject throughout Europe, and we believe Nine Realms® vapes contributed to the frenzy. Our products caused everyone to exclaim, "This stuff hits!" and the market has never been the same since. Nine Realms® passion for cannabis products and excellence means that cannabis aficionados all around Europe may have a magnificent experience. 

Following the finding of the strong HHC demand, we decided to increase our product offerings to fulfill client demands. Some like HHC vapes and cartridges, but others prefer edibles or extracts. And we think that there should be a variety of solutions accessible to fit your requirements. 

Nine Realms® Vapes

Our vape products are available in a variety of sizes and strengths. The non-rechargeable MINI vape is ideal for casual smokers who want to unwind by smoking hemp products on occasion. The rechargeable 0.5 ml type, on the other hand, is designed to last longer, which regular users may find more handy. Last but not least, the LIGHT variant, which has lower amounts of HHC content. If the pure HHC tincture is too potent for you, the Nine Realms® LIGHT vape is the answer. 

Nine Realms® Gummies

The Nine Realms® HHC Gummies were introduced as a fresh addition to the Nine Realms® product range. These gummies are a great alternative to traditional HHC tinctures and oils since they are made with high-quality, lab-tested HHC oil and natural fruit flavoring. Each gummy provides 30 mg of HHC in a precise quantity, making it simple to monitor and regulate your consumption. Our gluten-free, THC-free, and vegan-friendly candies come in a single pack of ten and are good for everyone. 


Our objective has not changed since the introduction of Nine Realms®. We produce our items with premium materials in order to please our quality-conscious clientele. Even if self-care and well-being have remained important considerations when selecting hemp products, utilizing the products recreationally to unwind from a demanding environment is also healthy. So, why can't hemp products be used for both recreational and medicinal purposes?