Experience the latest cannabinoid THCP products to grace the market through our rechargeable Nine Realms PRO THCP vape. With its introduction, expect a symphony of delightful surprises, marked by unparalleled potency and a flavor profile that dances between bold and subtle, perfectly harmonizing with your palate.

What distinguishes the THCP vape from THC vape?

The newest cannabinoid in the THCP vape offers unparalleled potency and a distinctive flavor profile, not only making every vaping session extraordinary and enjoyable but also legal unlike THC.

Why should I choose a rechargeable THCP vape?

Opting for our rechargeable THCP vape offers you a sustainable and convenient vaping solution, allowing you to enjoy the potent and delightful effects of the THCP without wasting any liquid before the battery runs out.

How do I recharge the THCP vape?

Recharging the Nine Realms THCP vape is simple and convenient. Use the provided microUSB input to connect the device to a power source, and you'll be ready for your next vaping session in no time.

Is the THCP vape available in different flavors?

Yes, the THCP Vape comes in three delectable flavors: Guava, Peach, and Melon. Each flavor is crafted to provide a unique and novel vaping experience, highlighting the special characteristics of the natural cannabinoids and terpenes.

Do you provide lab results for your THCP vape, and if so, what concentration of THCP is present in the product?

For our THCP vape, we provide comprehensive third-party lab results that validate its contents and quality. Notably, our THCP vape boasts a 10% concentration of THCP, as confirmed by the lab tests. You can access these results on our website by clicking button below.

How do I purchase the THCP Vape?

You can securely purchase the THCP vape through Nine Realms online store. Simply navigate to the product page, add the item to your cart, and proceed to checkout for a seamless purchase experience.