Discover a refined vaping experience with our exclusive Nine Realms H4CBD products, carefully crafted for those seeking clarity, focus, and a serene mind amid the daily hustle. Engage with a potent formulation designed to elevate your cognitive functions while dissolving the tendrils of stress.

What flavor is the H4CBD cartridge available in?

The H4CBD cartridge VERK comes in a delightful kiwi flavor, offering a perfect balance of sweet and tart notes for a refreshing and enjoyable experience.

Is the H4CBD cartridge compatible with all types of vape batteries?

The H4CBD cartridge is specifically designed to be compatible with M3 type batteries, ensuring optimal connectivity and performance.

What additional components are infused in the H4CBD cartridge, and why?

The H4CBD cartridge contains kiwi-flavored liquid with a potent concentration of 80% H4CBD. Additionally, VERK cartridge is infused with 15% CBG, which is known for stimulating brain function, enhancing the cognitive effects of the product.

How much liquid does each H4CBD cartridge contain?

Each cartridge houses 1 ml of H4CBD liquid.

How should I use the H4CBD cartridge for optimal benefits?

For best results, connect the H4CBD cartridge to an M3 type battery and inhale the vapor as needed. Start of gradually with 1-3 long inhales or 3-5 short inhales, if the effects do not occur, you can increase the dosage.

How can I purchase the Nine Realms H4CBD cartridge?

The H4CBD cartridge is available for purchase on the Nine Realms official website and authorized retailers. Simply add the product to your shopping cart and proceed to the checkout. We accept Card payments, Bank Transfers and Crypto.