With Nine Realms CBD products, the promise of a rejuvenating sleep and profound relaxation is no longer a distant dream but a tangible reality. Infused with the therapeutic benefits of CBD and the sleep-enhancing powers of CBN, and enveloped in blueberry aroma, each cartridge is a gateway to nights of deep rest and days of renewed vigor.

How much CBD liquid does the CBD cartridge contain?

Each CBD Cartridge is filled with 1 ml of blueberry-flavored CBD and CBN liquid tailored for relaxation and sleep.

Why has CBN been added to the CBD cartridge?

CBN, or cannabinol, is known for its sleep-promoting attributes. When combined with CBD, it enhances the cartridge's efficacy in promoting deep relaxation and improved sleep.

Are there any psychoactive effects associated with the Nine Realms CBD cartridge?

No, the CBD Cartridge is designed to provide relaxation and sleep benefits without inducing any psychoactive effects, ensuring users remain clear-headed.

Is the Nine Realms CBD cartridge suitable for those new to CBD products?

Yes, our CBD Cartridge is formulated for both novices and seasoned users. However, it's always recommended to consult with a healthcare professional if you're new to CBD products.

Can I use the CBD cartridge during the day?

While the SOVE CBD cartridge is designed for relaxation and sleep improvement, it can be used during the day to help reduce anxiety and promote calmness without causing drowsiness. However, it is essential to gauge your body's response and avoid operating heavy machinery while using the product.

Is the Nine Realms CBD cartridge safe to use every night?

The CBD cartridge is formulated with high-quality ingredients focused on safety and efficacy. Detailed lab reports are available, providing transparency and proof of the rigorous testing each cartridge undergoes to ensure quality and safety.

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